Positive Living Project

May 21st, 2014 | Aawaz Admin

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A brand new project funded through Big Lottery.

Our Project aim is “to break down stigma and improve the social integration of minority ethnic women experiencing mental health illness in Hyndburn and Pendle by reducing isolation, improving social integration and enabling them to maintain their independence”.

Our Project is needed to improve the quality of life of those South Asian women with mental health issues who are stigmatised and face negative attitudes and discrimination. Some women are professionally diagnosed and treatment is offered but they are often not able to or are unwilling to receive the treatment through fear or stigma or their / family members beliefs and values. There are many examples  of  women who are subjected to unkind and at times harmful treatment from unregulated faith healers, believing that these women are possessed of evil spirits or suffering from a black magic curse rather than women with complex social, clinical and psychological needs.

For more information about Positive Living Project please contact Dawn or Saeeda or 01254 398176.