Health & Wellbeing

Aawaz run a range of activities to improve your health & welbeing.  For more information contact Aawaz on 01254 398176.

Project Mothering Earth - Aawaz

Mothering Earth

Mothering Earth project.

Working in partnership with Prospects we are facilitating weekly bilingual workshops.

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Aawaz Sport Project

Aawaz Sport Project

Supported by Sport England.

For the benefit of inactive south Asian women to encourage them to take interest in sports activities.

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Live Well Project - Aawaz

Live Well Project

A 12 month ‘Awards for All’ project engaging older south Asian heritage ladies

The participants are mainly Pakistani Punjabi, Kashmiri and Bengali background, experiencing loneliness, isolation and often mental distress.

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Let's Work Together Project - Aawaz

Let’s Work Together

Engaging with south Asian women, working age beneficiaries.

Helping to encourage and motivate the beneficiaries through personal development activities that builds personal capacity.

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One Neighbourhood Project - Aawaz

Neighbourhood Friends

A Prescription for Well-being project to start to build strong social neighbourhood networks.

Working with a small group of residents in Pendle we are building capacity and creating opportunities.

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Project - Hum Arts 2

Hum Arts Project

Aawaz in partnership with Supersloway, Horse and Bamboo and Arts Council England are hosting an arts project.

Our ladies are working with a resident artist to explore creative writing, paper cutting, henna designs and crafts. The project is to introduce the ladies to using and working with different art forms to explore emotions and promote positive health and well-being.

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Successful Women of Achievement, Aawaz

Women of Achievement Project – A great success!

Aawaz women of Achievement Project is now completed. The End of Project outcomes were celebrated at the glittering annual event that took place on 5th March 2015.

This unique project depicts the life experiences and achievements of south Asian women who arrived in East Lancashire during the period 1965 to 1985.

To find out more about the project and download the resource materials, please continue reading.

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Aawaz Feel Good Project

Aawaz Feel Good Project is a social prescribing project offering a holistic model linking health and wellbeing with other aspects of women’s lives.

We see social prescribing as all about linking people up to activities in their communities that they might benefit from.

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B in Work Project

B in Work Project is funded through European Social Fund. This project builds further on our community Learning project which was successfully delivered in 2013.

The message of B in work project is simple it is about providing life skills, confidence and encouragement to those women who are in need.

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Environment Hyndburn

The Environment Hyndburn project is funded through Prospects Foundation. The project will work with south Asian women  to provide information and general awareness about how we should value all aspects of our environment.

The project will also look at how we as residents of Hyndburn can contribute to looking after the environment.

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Positive Living Project

A brand new project funded through Big Lottery.

Our Project aim is “to break down stigma and improve the social integration of minority ethnic women experiencing mental health illness in Hyndburn and Pendle by reducing isolation, improving social integration and enabling them to maintain their independence”.

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Project - Young Aawaz

Young Aawaz

The Young AAWAZ project is funded through the Young People Fund, it is a five year project, currently in its fourth year.

The project commenced in November 2009 for young Asian women age 14 years to 22 years of age.

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Project - Motiv8 - Aawaz, Accrington

Project Motiv8

Motiv8 Project is funded through Reaching Communities of the Big Lottery Fund.

It is aimed at motivating women of working age to help and encourage them to get involved in volunteering and employment.

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Women of achievement - Aawaz, Accrington

Women of Achievement

The Women of Achievement is a exciting a brand new Heritage Project funded through the Heritage Lottery.

The project was launched, at the AAWAZ annual event also called “Women of Achievement” in March 2013 an event attended by 180 people.

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Project - Humanity Workshops

Humanity Workshops

Humanity is above everything else and we have a full programme looking at the concept of Huqooq-ul-ibad.

Our Humanity programme is funded through donations and well wishers.

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Project - Local Employers working with Motiv8, Aawaz

Working with Motiv8

We have a number of local employers working with us to offer shadowing and mentoring opportunities to our Motiv8 Project participants.

“I have found the talk by the Cleaning Agency very useful” – Mrs S, a 35 year old unemployed woman.

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Working with Parents - Aawaz, Accrington

Working with Parents

AAWAZ is working with Spring Hill Primary School and Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School.

They are embarking on a pilot project to work with parents in helping them to gain a better understanding of how they can help their children do better at school.

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ReachIT Project - Aawaz

Community Learning

The Community Learning Project was a twelve month project, completed successfully by AAWAZ in August 2013.

This project has been made possible through funding from European Social Fund and the support of Workers Education Association.

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Project - Training & Advice

Training and Advice

Training and Advice project was designed to work with the women from minority communities.

These women do not have any English language skills and need to understand and appreciate the norms, the values and culture of the British society.

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