Environment Hyndburn

May 21st, 2014 | Aawaz Admin

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The Environment Hyndburn project is funded through Prospects Foundation. The project will work with south Asian women  to provide information and general awareness about how we should value all aspects of our environment.

The project will also look at how we as residents of Hyndburn can contribute to looking after the environment.

More importantly we will look at what each one of us can do locally to help our environment.

The Environment Hyndburn project  will cover topics such as:

Energy – We will talk about the importance of energy, and look at simple ways in which everyone can reduce the amount of energy they use. We will also discuss why it is important to cut down on the amount of energy everyone uses. We will share practical examples of how to reduce the energy you use, which if you chose to do, can be introduced into your day to day life.

Recycling – We will look at what it mean by recycling. Why we should recycle and what items can easily be recycled. We will look at recycling procedures in place in Hyndburn and discuss how easily you can change your routine to make sure that all household waste can be recycled.

Food – we will look at where your food comes from and how easy it is to get started growing your own herbs and vegetables. We plan to visit a local allotment for us to see how fruit and vegetables are grown locally in your area.

Nature Reserve – We will learn about nature reserves and visit one in the locality.