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August 23rd, 2013 | Aawaz Admin

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The Community Learning Project was a twelve month project, completed successfully by AAWAZ in August 2013.

This project has been made possible through funding from European Social Fund and the support of Workers Education Association.

Community Learning Project worked with 40 South Asian and eastern European women who are from deprived area of Hyndburn and are unemployed. Majority of the women have never been in paid employment, this project has been “an eye opener” to them to learn about the benefit of being in employment.

The Community Learning Project has helped women to open their horizon and perception about paid employment and the benefit of volunteering.

The beneficiaries of the project were those who were also in need of learning English to communicate effectively and complete their job application forms, some beneficiaries needed help with job search, some beneficiaries needed help with CV writing. Many beneficiaries needed to learn simple IT skills, as they need help with registering themselves with the local Job Centre through the on-line process. Majority of the beneficiaries lacked confidence and self-esteem and needed to feel valued and a sense of achievement.

There were a small number of women from Eastern European countries who were in need to learn English before they could go forward in the job market.

Outcome of the Community Learning Project has been very promising. The project has created an interest and enthusiasm amongst the beneficiaries to look at further informal and formal learning, voluntary work and to look for paid work. Some of the Project achievements include:

• 11 beneficiaries have started to look for paid work as a direct result of their participation in this programme.
• 3 beneficiaries have applied to various organisations to undertake voluntary work.
• 1 beneficiary has set herself up as a self-employed person.
• 25 beneficiaries have indicated they would like to continue their personal development through informal learning.
• All beneficiaries said they felt more confident and better about their ability and their newly acquired skills.