Aawaz Feel Good Project

July 21st, 2014 | Aawaz Admin

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Aawaz Feel Good Project is a social prescribing project offering a holistic model linking health and wellbeing with other aspects of women’s lives.

We see social prescribing as all about linking people up to activities in their communities that they might benefit from.

This is essential because the women need to be able to access help, advice and support in a practical hands-on way whilst learning new skills, developing their confidence and self esteem. Our project connects people to non-medical sources of support and we are aware that there is increasing evidence to support the use of social interventions for people experiencing a range of common health problems.

Our Project programme offers befriending and supporting south Asian women in order to help build their capacity and personal development, become more confident and willing to access mainstream community services.

The project activities are based on “Learning Creatively”, some examples include introduction to basic IT skills, arts, crafts, personal life stories, timelines, creating family trees and sharing childhood stories.

Our project is funded through East Lancashire CCG.