Aawaz workshop at Job Centre Plus

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Aawaz ladies attended a workshop at the local Job Centre Plus Offices. The aim of the workshop today was to help the ladies who are unemployed and seeking work to be better informed about the help and advice available from Job Centre Plus.A group of 12 ladies attended at the local Job Centre for the workshop. Aawaz are proactive in helping the ladies who are unemployed to seek appropriate training, volunteering and employment opportunities.

“We were me by the Manager at the Job Centre, she facilitated the workshop and it was  very useful and informative for me”. Explained Mrs K, one of the ladies who participated in the workshop.

Aawaz staff assisted with interpretation of the discussions to ensure that everyone could fully understand and participate in the discussions. The ladies had the opportunity to ask questions and to talk about any issues that concerned them. They were able to learn about Job Centre Plus services and how they as individual claimants can help the staff understand what difficulties or barriers they feel they face in seeking employment.

Equally how individual claimants can help to identify their own skills, ability and knowledge so that they can be better assisted and signposted to further training.

Mrs B, another service user said that she has learnt a lot from the workshop, she attends at the Job Centre to sign on every two weeks she said she “did not realise that there was so much more information available from my adviser at Job Centre”.